The Lost Tapes

Looking for adventure ideas?  Look no further than The Lost Tapes on discovery plus. Each episode focuses on a specific creature in a well-written scenario. The series also introduces a s.a.v.e like organization called the Enigma Corporation; a Pinkerton detective/security group that deals with the unknown.

Horrors of the unknown vol 1

Horrors of the Unknown Vol. 1 is the first supplement for Horrors of the Unknown Vol. 1 is the first supplement for Chill 3rd Edition from Salt Circle Games. Inside, you’ll find thirteen new creatures, new creature Aspects, and ideas for featuring these monsters in your Chill cases. 32 pages, color cover, black and white interior illustrations.
Why am I mentioning this? Several reasons : 
1. One of the most original supplement for the third edition of chill.
2. The wretched cat – one of my original creations grace the pages of this supplement.
You can purchase the Horrors of the Unknown Vol 1 by clicking here