The Ride Home

Following a near-fatal bus accident, which the characters survive unscathed, they begin to notice that they are being followed by gaunt cadaverous beings with ashen skin and eyes the color of frozen meat dressed in drab gray Victorian suits; their faces are locked in a deathlike grin associated with rigor mortis.

When the characters are together, these beings stay their distant, watching the characters with their cold unblinking dead eyes. Once the characters break up or go their own way they attack that individual investigator working their way until they have killed everyone who survived the encounter.


1    The beings are apparitions of accident victims on that stretch of land. They are haunting the investigators to see if they can get released into the other side. However, after several days of being ignored, they no longer seek release but instead seek to make the investigators one of them.

2    The investigators escaped death – they should have died that night. The cadaverous beings are minions of the grim reaper, sent to kill the investigators and uphold the balance of nature.

3    The investigators did not escape the accident unhurt; they are all in a local Hospital in comas. The beings that they are seeing are the warped form of their visiting friends and loved ones.

Copyright (c) 2005 Timothy Goss

Grave Plots

Welcome to the first installment of grave plots, a weekly feature where we will post-adventure ideas for Cryptworld and Rotworld. These ideas can come from movies, Tv shows, and my own warped imagination even a kick-ass song can help create a plot for a game.
This week being the first installment I decided to go old school and post some of my favorite plots from games long gone.

1. Suffer the Children – children in the sleepy hamlet of Bethpage, NY are vanishing in the middle of the night – the only clue is a toy Doll is found in the bed of the missing child.

2. Fanboy – someone is going around committing horrid murders, the throats of the victims are slashed open and there is evidence that some of the blood has been drunk and always found nearby is a puddle of vomit mixed with blood. The murders are being committed by Terrance Joshua, a social outcast who is suffering  from a psychological imbalance – he believes himself to be a vampire

3. The PCs are sent to investigate a carnival ride, where riders have claimed to have been attacked by the animatronic characters. The ride was once part of the famous jolly rogers playland located in Levittown, NY. Before the closing of the fun park, there was a hideous accident when a child who wanted to see what made the characters move left the ride car he was in and went backstage, where he witnessed the ride attendant rape and murder a young woman. Found out, the attendant grabbed the kid and threw him under the track where he got crushed to death by the next ride cart that passed over him. The “accident” was the final straw, the owners of the park decommissioned the ride and sold it off to the Phelan traveling show, a small mom and pop carnival that traveled the east coast until 2013, where the owner of the carnival was found dead in the funhouse – cause of death was a heart attack. Again the funhouse was sold, this time to a private collector named Kenneth Yee – who contacts the PCs to investigate the funhouse as part of his reality series “Live undead” on the local public access.

Next week, I will post some of my favorite PC’s from the old school chill days converted to Crypt World.