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Return of the Living Dead [Rotworld]

While transporting barrels of Trioxin 49 gas through the arizona desert to lukes base for storage, a military convoy gets caught in a monsoon. The driver isnt experienced in driving through monsoon conditions and ends up driving into a wash. One of the barrels comes loose and falls into the wash, to be washed away into the desert. Days later a old prospector named Cleetus “Cowboy” Wilkins comes across the barrel and decides to use it to make a BBQ which he would be able to sell. Once at his shack, he opens the barrel exposing himself to the trioxin gas and releases the contained animated corpse. The animated corpse attacks and kills cleetus  and shambles off into the night towards the sleepy town of nowhere,arizona.

How to work the characters into this adventure seed :
The pc’s are traveling across the united states on a greyhound bus and Nowhere is a schedualed stop – When the bus pulls into nowhere, the dead have taken over the town and the players have to find a way to escape the endless horde of the living dead.

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    Grave Plots – The Thanksgiving edition

    Happy Thanksgiving, the reanimated dead post! Happy turkey day to all and to celebrate this season of the slaughter of tasty birds I would like to take a short journey into ROTWORLD with this week’s offering of zombie goodness (and a large sampling of cranberry jelly )
    House of the dead : a stage one outbreak is reported at the Cuesta campus in arizona  and the players are sent in to find and identify patient zero of the outbreak before the military sends a missile strike to cleanse the area.
    The Crazies :A truck carrying containers of trioxin 43d overturns spilling the contends of the containers into a local water reserve in the town of hamlet, north dakota.Those that drink from the tainted water suffer from trioxin poisoning go insane then die only to reanimate shortly afterwards. The players are a handful of people for whatever reason is immune to the trioxin poisoning or they didn’t drink the local water. They have two tasks
    (1) Survive the Zombie Horde
    (2) Find out the cause of the outbreak.

    Undead Turkey

    STR  1(15)     PCN 4(60)
    DEX  NA        STA 3(45)
    AGL  3(45)    PWR NA
    WPR NA       FEAR  5
    PER NA        WND 0*
    ATT 1 / 2(30) %
    MV L -30’ A -50’
    Experience 50 per undead turkey

    It was bound to happen, with the countless slaughter of the innocent turkey that the spirits of the turkeys that were slain in the name of dinner would rise from the unknown looking to spread fear and gain what revenge they can in a short matter of time before they lose interest and move on…
    Weakness – unlike any other zombie, a called shot to the head will bring not down a zombie turkey. In order to kill a zombie turkey, a called shot to the wish bone is needed to bring down this foul creature.
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